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Why People Fail In Network Marketing

Network Marketing is indeed the best business opportunity out there.  If you stay with it and work your tail off, you can make a boat load of money.  However, if you are like the majority of people, there’s a good chance you will stop and quit.

Why People Fail In Network Marketing?

There is a lot of reasons why people don’t succeed in this profession.  Some people will say the lack of skill set, some will say the lack of help from their upline, and some will say they don’t have the right strategy.

While all of this might be true, the real reason why a lot of Network Marketers fail is because they don’t know the difference between future based events and present based events.

The Difference Between Future Based Events & Present Based Events

All events are either present based or future based.  Present based events will keep you in the present.  Future based events will cause your life to change.  If you can determine which events are present based and which are future based, you can change your life. Let me give you some examples.

Having A Very Clean Home

If you own a home and all you do is clean, you clean your bathroom, the living room, the kitchen, all around your house for hours and hours and for days and days… You’re not going to be living in a mansion, it’s going to keep you in the same house.  It’s called present based.

Network Marketing

When you are in Network Marketing, the top achievers will tell you fives things you need to do in order to be successful. They are, listening to audios, reading personal development books, associate with top leaders, showing the plan and contacting new prospects for your business. Out of those five things only one is the true future based… let’s go over each one of them.

Listening to Audios: If all you do is listen to audios everyday and don’t implement what you have learned in those audios, will your life change?  The answer is no.  So listening to audios is present based.

Reading Books: If you read the recommended books everyday and you never do what the authors told you to do, will you become successful?  The answer is no.  Reading personal development books is considered present based.

Association: If you go to convention centers and you hang around with top leaders and never do what you are told to do to become successful in business, will you become successful?  Again, the answer is no.  So association is another present based.

Showing The Plan: If you show the plan, show the plan and show the plan like crazy, will your life change?  Many people will say yes but the answer is no.  Let me explain, if you show the plan again and again, guess what? You will have no more plans to show.  It’s present based.

Contacting: Contacting new prospects is the future based and I can prove it to you.  Let’s say that you are no good at presenting your business but you got so good at contacting.  Then anybody who gets close to you within ten feet, you contact them.  All of the sudden you got so good at contacting.  At the end of the month there are 100 people waiting to hear about your business.  You make a phone call to your upline that you need help with 100 people, your upline will be more than happy to help you.  Contacting new prospects is indeed the future based. 

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"Failure is not an option for me.  Success is all I envision." - Conor McGregor

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