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The 7 Mental Toughness

Let me tell you something, when you get in a business like Network Marketing, you have to be mentally tough. There are people out there that will say negative things about you and your business. You are going to get no shows, distributors quitting, and there will be people who will make fun of you.

You’ve got to be tough in this business… period!

As a Network Marketer, you have stepped outside of the box. You are doing what most people are not willing to do. You now know that working for someone else is not for you.

What hurts the most is when your friends and your loved ones are not there to support you. They will tell you that, “it’s a pyramid scheme.”

Honestly, I don’t know why people are so negative. But I don’t care because when you grow up, you have to make your own decisions.

Being An Entrepreneur Exposes You To New Experiences!!!

This is what I know, if they are not paying your bills, they should not be giving you any of their opinions. They want to shut you down and make fun of you, maybe it’s because they are jealous, or maybe they are afraid.

You got to be like a Rhino with thick a skin in this business. A Rhino’s skin is so thick that it’s very difficult to penetrate. So if someone is giving you crap, your mental toughness (thick skin) will protect you from getting hurt or damaged by people’s negativities.

People will shoot bullets of negativities at you, and when they came at you, you won’t be stopped.

Let me go ahead and give you the seven SIMPLE steps you can begin today to help you with your mental toughness in your business.

1.) Conditioning Your Body – If you are building your business on a daily basis, meaning, you are out there in the trenches, you will begin to develop a level of natural toughness. If you work your business with regularity and are taking consistent daily strides forward, you will naturally begin to develop mental strength.

If an abuse keeps coming at you, your skin will become thicker and grow some calluses. Let me explain, think in your mind how callus is created and the toughness that comes out as a result of it. It works the same way on the mental side.

By keeping your mind and your body in the game and the same abuse keeps coming at you everyday (i.e. no shows, rejection, canceled appointment, downline quits, etc.) you will gain a thicker skin.

2.) Listen Daily & Read – Start reading and start listening to audios from people who are making it happen. If someone has defeated an obstacle and is constantly winning no matter what, don’t you want to know what they are doing?

You should spend 15 – 30 minutes a day listening or reading a book EVERYDAY. Read books and/or listen to audios that will help you with greatness.

3.) Use Affirmations – I’ve heard people say that affirmations don’t work, but I’m here to tell you that they do work. Out mind is a very powerful, if you think and speak of negative things or how bad you are, you will stay there and stay stuck.

But if you think and speak of positive affirmations, you say things like, “I can do this” or something like “I am powerful, I bring in great people to my business,” you will become or have if you constantly think and talk about it.

4.) Association – Birds of a feather flock together, this is so true. If you hang around negative nasty miserable people, you will become a negative nasty miserable person. If you hang around with overweight people, you will become overweight too. However, if you hang around with positive with who are goal oriented, you will become a positive person with goals. So association is important, hang around with winners.

This is why is it important to go to conventions so that you can surround yourself with positive people and shake hands with highly successful people.

5.) Visualization – Creating an image in your mind what you want in the future is powerful. Visualize what you want to have and/or who you want to become.

Where would you like to live?

What kind of car would you be driving?

What would you be doing everyday?

Where would you travel to?

What would you eat?

Who would you be?

Close your eyes and visualize something that you want. Rewind it and play it again. Repeat the process daily and visualize where you want to be. I use a visual board where I put up pictures of places I want to be, pictures of things I want to have, etc. Visualization is everything!

I recommend you read a book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne… you can thank me later.

6.) Act As If – I don’t like it when people tell you to “fake it until you make it.”  Of course you are not going to be an expert on anything if you are new. There is a learning curve for everything, so that being the case instead of fake it until you make it, I prefer, “act as if.”

Act as if you are already successful,

Act as if you are making a boat load of money,

Act as if you are making it happen,

Act as if you are making a difference in the world.

If you feel you are weak, shy, timid or unsuccessful, just act as if. Be what you want to be, not what you are.

7.) Stay Focused – This is the last step and it’s a simple one. You should be completely focused because if you are playing basketball for an example, your entire focus should be on the ball.

I see professional golfers like Tiger Woods who stay completely focused when competing. If Tiger Woods let’s his mind slip even for one single shot, he will lose track. Stay totally focused on success, victory, and winning. There is no other way, otherwise your opponent will beat you.

A really good book to read that I personally recommend is called “The Power of Focus” by Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

In Network Marketing, to develop a mental toughness, you will find out that your biggest opponent, your biggest obstacle, your biggest challenge is… you.

So these are the 7 steps to have mental toughness. Practice them and I promise you it will help you in your life, business, or in sports.

Massive success to you,

J.J. Orozco

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"It was all about being mentally strong, coming back and making the next play." - Michael Clayton

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