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Talk To The Right Kinds Of People

I want to share with you something I wish I learned in the beginning of my Network Marketing career and that is… talking to the “RIGHT” kinds of people.

There are TWO ways to build your business and that is the EASY way or the Hard way.  

For a long time I was building my business the HARD way and I am sharing this with you to tell you that there is an EASIER way to build your business.  Building your business the HARD way, you could end up losing days, weeks, months, years of your life… and also money talking to and/or marketing to the “WRONG” kinds of people.

A legendary marketer and copywriter Gary Halbert once said, “If you were to sell steaks, and you were to pick a perfect market, what market would it be?

It is… people who are HUNGRY.

If you can get in front of these people with your offer, these people will be fighting to get to the ORDER NOW button.

Dan Kennedy calls it, “Message to Market Match“.

But unfortunately, when we get into Network Marketing, we are not trained like that… especially in the very beginning.

Not Everybody You Talk To Is Right For Your Business

Logically, you can justify the “NEED” for your product, service or business opportunity to anyone you talk to but here’s a question for you…

Do they really “WANT” it?

This is something I struggled for a very long time because when you are excited about something, it just make sense that you want everybody to join you… right?

And this is a mindset I battled for many years.

When your upline ask you to make a list of your friends and family, in my opinion this is ONLY good to get your feet wet.  But it is NOT the best way to build your business in the long-term.

The Economy Is Not Good

Gas prices are going up, the unemployment numbers are at an all time high, and inflation is high.  I know we’re suppose to be positive but bare with me here… there is good news.

People are finally waking up…

  • They know that there’s no such thing as “Job Security”, not anymore.
  • They know that their income is not enough to live, travel, save for retirement, college, etc.

There are more people looking for answers more than they did in the 90’s when the economy was good.

Does this mean everybody is a prospect?

Not at all.

You should only focus on people who are “READY” for a chance.

But Not Everybody Is Ready For A Change

Just because everybody is aware of the situation, it doesn’t mean people are ready for a change.  There are people who are not willing to make a change in their lives.  They won’t get off their butts, turn off the TV, and do something about it.

For these people it is so easy to blame their situation to the government, the economy, their friends and neighbors, etc.

But then there are people who are “READY” and willing to make a change in their lives.

These are the people who are HUNGRY.

These are the people you want to put all of your energy, time, effort and resources to get your message in front of.

Here’s a mental attitude that took me awhile to accept…

“I only want to talk to people who wants to talk to me”.

If you are in the weight-loss niche, yes I understand everyone “NEEDS” and “SHOULD” have your product.

But having a business don’t operate like that, people must “WANT” it.

They have to be so tired of their situation and be so tired of being over-weight that will make them take action.

So you want to focus your entire energy in front of the “RIGHT” kinds of people… It’s the EASY way.

I promise you that you’ll have less stress, have more fun, but more importantly being profitable for years to come.

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“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well to product or service fits him and sells itself.” - Peter Drucker

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