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How To Pick A Winning Network Marketing Opportunity

There are a lot of network marketing companies out there and let me tell you, some are good, some are bad and some only wants your money.  My goal is to help you choose the right network marketing company, to help you avoid headaches, frustrations and more importantly… help you save money.

No wonder there are a lot of people out there jump from one opportunity to another. The reason why is because the company looks great from the outside, but people fail to do their due diligence on that company.

There are 7 main questions you should ask yourself before joining a company…


1.) Does The Company Have Unique Products or Services?

You want to make sure that the products or services are exclusive, meaning not available elsewhere. Also, what separates their products or services from the competition? Is there a demand for these products or services or is it just a fad?

2.) How Long Has The Company Been In Business?

I have seen businesses come and go and you want to invest your time and effort on a company that’s going to be around for a long time. Statistics say that 90 percent of all network marketing companies fail in their first two years in business. It amazes me when I see people joining simply because that company just opened for business, but that company has no track records.

3.) Can You Make Money Quickly?

You want to be able to make money fast!!!  Building a downline to produce residual income takes so you want to find out if there is an immediate income. Also, get familiar with different compensation plans and see which one is best for you.

4.) Is There A System To Plug Into?

This is a big one… Is there a back-office that will provide you tools and resources that will help you succeed? I find it a waste of time to be part of a company that does not have this. In network marketing, it doesn’t matter what works, what matter is what “duplicates”. Duplication is key, and that is why having a system in the first place is vital for your success.

5.) Can You Build Your Business Working Very Part-Time?

You don’t want to lose your full-time income from you job. The company must have an automated systems that does all the heavy lifting for you. Working part-time while working full-time at your job is least risky.

6.) Is The Person Introducing You To The Opportunity Committed To Your Success?

There is a difference between a sponsor and a recruiter. A sponsor helps their new reps with motivations, coaching and training and a recruiter does not. Everybody is looking for guidance and a sponsor can provide you with that.

7.) Will You Have Fun Doing This?

If you are not having fun then this will be like another job for you. You probably won’t last long too. Have fun learning new skills, have fun meeting new people, and have fun having success!!!

So there you have it, the seven questions you want to ask yourself before choosing a winning network marketing opportunity. However, even with a great company, there is no such thing as a free lunch. You're going to have to WORK! But with the right opportunity, your work won't be eternity.

Today is the day,

J.J. Orozco

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"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever." - Keri Russell

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