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Playing To Win Or Playing Not To Lose?

Let me ask you something. You don’t have to tell me because I already know the answer. Yet, it will tell me where you are in your Network Marketing business.

Are You Playing To Win Or Are You Playing Not To Lose?

Before you answer that question, because I know what the majority of people would say.  I want you to tell me what are you feeling from the inside.  Yes you might say you are playing to win, but is that what you really feeling from within?

All of our lives we are told what to do and we do it because we HAVE TO.

This is something we have been programmed since we were a child. You have your parents telling you to do your homework, clean your room, take out the trash, brush your teeth, etc.  You do it because you HAVE TO.

And when we become adults, we carry this attitude with us.

We get out of bed in the morning because we HAVE TO.

We go to our jobs that we hate because we HAVE TO.

We even play the money game because we HAVE TO.

People get into the money game because they don’t want to be 65 and not have money, so when they save money for retirement, they save because they HAVE TO.

The Majority of People Play Not To Lose When It Should Be The Other Way Around

If you look at people who made it big in life like Steve Jobs, or an athlete like Michael Jordan, they did not play it safe… they were all in.  These individuals played to win… they were champions.

When you are playing Not To Lose, you are in the defense mode. And when you are playing defense, it’s very hard to score, let alone win the game.

Attitude And Good Emotional Energy Behind Actions

When you are inspired, things becomes a whole lot easier to accomplish.  You are not forcing yourself to do things and everything just flows.

Things becomes fun and you start to get new ideas… you become unstoppable. You keep your eyes on the prize.

Work Becomes A Whole Lot of Fun

Whether you are making phone calls, prospecting, doing presentations, emailing… Everything that will help grow your Network Marketing business gets done quicker.

Your attitude changes and the doors of opportunities swings wide open because you don’t let fear, doubt or disbelief control you.

You are the driver in your business and you take full control of your life… while most people are sitting in the back seat with no control at all.

“Want To” Is Better Than “Have To”

Isn’t it more fun to do things because you Want To instead of because you Have To?

Isn’t it better to JUMP OUT of bed in the morning and embrace the day instead of just trying to make it?

You see, it all starts with you, your attitude.  Do you want to play to Win or play Not To Lose?

If you play to Win, you are on an easy path towards the life you truly desire.

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"You must play boldly to win." - Arnold Palmer

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