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Rich People Vs Poor People Mindset

To become wealthy, you must THINK like the wealthy do. All wealthy people know that their outer world is a direct reflection of their inner world and…it’s this universal principle that guides them to invest so much time and money on acquiring on asset above all others. Have you ever wondered why some people seem […]

A Rich DeVos Success Story

Rich DeVos has been recognized as one of the ten wealthiest Americans.  He is among the handful of great motivational speakers of all time. There are very few people who have revolutionized a product, a company, or even an industry, but Rich DeVos has forever changed the way people do business around the world.  As […]

Are You Buying Or Selling Your Future?

Did you know that your future is created in the present? This is something I learned from a motivational speaker Simon T. Bailey. I tried not to think about his statement but the more I tried to run away from it, the louder it spoke to me. This statement is true and you see it […]

5 Easy Steps To Becoming An Authority

How many people do you know that actually write down goals? There is only a small percentage of people who actually write down goals. I’ll tell you what I do, I write down monthly goals that I want to hit, but your goals are not enough. They are not enough to keep you going. They […]