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The True Meaning of Rat Race

The other day I was talking to my neighbor and he was telling me how he hate his job.  Then he went on to talk about corporate politics and how ridiculous all this is, and I’m just standing there listening to him. But then he said something I didn’t like.  He said, “it is what […]

The 60/60/30 Technique: Getting Things Done

It’s very hard to stay productive and getting things done when we are so busy with work, family, kids, etc.  Not only are we busy but we tend to get distracted on little things… so we procrastinate.  But there is good news, I want to teach you how to stay productive so that you can […]

They Can Never Take This From You

The reason I have no fear about dropping every last cent I make into my personal education is that nobody will ever be able to take that from me. You might call it a bit of a “complex.”  But when you’ve had your entire paycheck seized by your favorite bank after working overtime all month.  Or […]

How To Create Your Robotic Sales Army

When I got started in Network Marketing it was exciting in the beginning.  I believed in the products and the company’s vision.  But there was only one problem…I’m not really a fan of selling.  I was not comfortable picking up the phone and pitching people my business opportunity, and I really hated trying to do […]

The 7 Skills In Network Marketing

This post is all about the 7 skills you need to acquire, practice, and master if you want to have success in Network Marketing.  Once you have learned these skills, building your business in Network Marketing becomes a whole lot simpler. I share theses 7 skills because too many people over-complicate things like I did […]

How To Escape The Matrix

I assume that you are reading this blog post about escaping the matrix because you want to completely break out of the majority of people are ruled by. Let me tell you first how people get trapped in the matrix.  It all starts at an early age when we are children.  Kids learn the concept […]

Can You Predict Your Future Success?

You don’t have to tell me because only you hold the answer to that question.  The real question is this…Are You Playing To Win Or Are You Playing Not To Lose? Before you answer that out loud, I want you to think what you are saying from the inside.  Because most people do what they […]

23 Inspirational Entrepreneurial Quotes

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy thing.  If you just started being an entrepreneur or you’ve been in it for quite awhile and not having any results, you might ask yourself if this whole entrepreneur thing is worth it.  Rather than surrendering and tossing in the famous white towel, stay positive because I will be […]

How To Ask Referrals From Existing Customers

If you are in direct sales looking for new people is critical for your success.  Customer referrals are one of the most powerful selling and marketing tools available.  In fact, the best source of new business is a referral from a satisfied customer.  Before I jump in on how to ask for referrals from existing […]

How To Recruit Like A Pro In Network Marketing

There is a gateway skill in network marketing and that is “recruiting.”  If you join network marketing you would have the opportunity to sell products.  You get products from the company and sell them to your customers.  You can even use these products yourself… you can have a nice retail business. But the power of network […]