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How To Go Pro In Network Marketing… Quickly!

One mental belief that prevents a lot of Network Marketers to move forward in their business is that they believe they don’t have the expertise to attract high quality prospects to them… especially the newbies. Even when they won’t say it out load… that little voice is playing in their head. In this blog post […]

You Always Have A Choice

The other day I asked myself, “what makes a great Network Marketer?”  And I saw a quote by Jim Rohn that goes like this… “It is not what happens that determines the major part of your future.  What happens, happens to us all.  It is what you do about what happens that counts.” …The Questions […]

How To Reduce Canceled Follow-Up Appointments

You are talking with a prospect over the phone and they are interested in learning more about your business and you provide them information.  You schedule a follow-up appointment and when you call them, they don’t answer.  What do you do? I will be teaching you how to reduce the number of cancellations to your […]

Different Compensation Plans In Network Marketing

People will always be talking about which is the best comp plan in network marketing.  But all compensation plans have advantages and disadvantages and the purpose of this post is to help you choose the right compensation plan, but only you know which one is the right one for you… so do your due diligence. […]

Why People Fail In Network Marketing

Network Marketing is indeed the best business opportunity out there.  If you stay with it and work your tail off, you can make a boat load of money.  However, if you are like the majority of people, there’s a good chance you will stop and quit. Why People Fail In Network Marketing? There is a […]

Playing To Win Or Playing Not To Lose?

Let me ask you something. You don’t have to tell me because I already know the answer. Yet, it will tell me where you are in your Network Marketing business. Are You Playing To Win Or Are You Playing Not To Lose? Before you answer that question, because I know what the majority of people […]

Prospecting: How To Break The Ice

I want to share with you how to use the 3-foot rule when talking to people who you don’t know to help you in the game of prospecting and recruiting.   In life, every day we meet people.  It could be at the grocery store, bank, post office, or any number of other places that we […]

Make Your Dreams Come True Day

What day you may ask?… Well I’ll tell you.  Today, is THE day to turn your life around and make all your dreams come true.  In case you didn’t know, January 13th, is National Make Your Dreams Come True Day… no joke. And the good news is that since it falls on a Friday, it means […]

The Truth About Election

We just had a very interesting election this year here in the U.S. This can be grueling, and painful process much like childbirth, but offers great promise and wonderful opportunities much like having a new baby in the house. For those who campaigned and voted believing that government is going to solve all their problems, I […]

The Mind of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the greatest icons in high technology.  He is known for his legendary ability to create groundbreaking, innovative, products that changed people lives.  But Steve was not just a pioneer in computer technology… he was a pioneer in the technology of the brain. Steve used the sitting meditation called zazen to […]