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Make Your Dreams Come True Day

What day you may ask?… Well I’ll tell you.  Today, is THE day to turn your life around and make all your dreams come true.  In case you didn’t know, January 13th, is National Make Your Dreams Come True Day… no joke.

And the good news is that since it falls on a Friday, it means it’s going to override and reverse any ‘bad luck’ associated with Friday the 13th.

This unofficial holiday with unknown origins encourages people to be proactive about achieving what they want in life.


Make Your Dream Come True Day is a day that came into existence as a result of the hard work and persistence of all of the people in this world who have been able to make their dream a reality.  Bob Dylan, who made his music dream come true, Mary Shelley, who wrote a book called Dr. Frankenstein, James Cameron who made the movie Avatar a reality.


The best way to celebrate this day is to, of course, think of a dream that you have been dreaming for a while.  Then, look for a way to make it happen.  It may not be easy at first, and fulfilling this dream will likely not be done in one day.  Believe that you can to prove yourself that it’s possible.

January 13th is Make Your Dreams Come True Day… If you have been procrastinating on fulfilling your dream, this is your chance to get things right.  So if you’ve been waiting for that perfect moment to go after your dreams and change your life… this is it.  Today is the day.  

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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