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Kickin It Old School With Drop Cards

No disrespect to digital marketing but I would like to share with you about a traditional form of advertising and marketing. A way to find potential prospects through a tangible piece of marketing material and that is… drop card

I’m a firm believer when it comes to leaving your drop cards anywhere and everywhere your potential prospects will find them. Drop cards are cheap, so you can distribute hundreds or even thousands of drop cards in targeted areas for an incredibly minimal investment.

I’m not say you should leave your drop cards as litter for other people to clean up. All I’m saying is to strategically place your drop cards in places where your ideal prospect will see it, pick them and hopefully take action to either learn more about your product or service, biz opportunity, etc.

Here is a list of places where you can leave your drop cards to help you get more business

1.) Coffee Shops

2.) On public bulletin board

3.) In relevant bookstore books

4.) At restaurants

5.) At the barber – many have bulletin boards

6.) Gas station counters and card racks

7.) Vending areas

8.) On campus – college bulletin board

9.) Under windshield wipers – where legal and relevant

10.) In doctor office waiting rooms

11.) Chamber of commerce card rack

12.) Apartment leasing offices

13.) Community centers

14.) Ice cream shops

15.) Child care center

16.) Auto repair shops

17.) Nail salon

18.) Churches

19.) ATM’s

20.) Art galleries

Today is the day,

J.J. Orozco

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JJ Orozco

Attraction Marketing Specialist teaching entrepreneurs how to use the power of the internet to build their business with tools, training and leadership.

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