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How To Recruit Like A Pro In Network Marketing

There is a gateway skill in network marketing and that is “recruiting.”  If you join network marketing you would have the opportunity to sell products.  You get products from the company and sell them to your customers.  You can even use these products yourself… you can have a nice retail business.

But the power of network marketing is to grow your network and move more products and services in that network than you can do alone.  For an example, you can sell 10 products in a month or you can have 100 people in your network and each sold 1 product a month.  Now there’s 100 products being moved in a month instead of 10 products you are able to sell alone, now that’s leverage.

Recruiting is the gateway skill.  You have to find ways to recruit people into your business.  So with that being said, I’m going to share with you are the 7 steps of becoming a recruiting machine in network marketing.

  1. Decision – Make a decision that you’re going to develop and master the game of recruiting.  This is bigger than your fears, bigger than your doubt, bigger than any obstacle.  Don’t just start and then stop, you have to keep going until you succeed.  I uploaded a video not too long ago about “The Word Decide” you should check that out.
  2. Mindset– You have to develop a recruiting mindset. Invest in yourself with personal development like books, audios, etc.  Develop the mindset that nothing is going to stop you with these 23 inspirational entrepreneurial quotes.
  3. Collect Friends – Successful recruiters in network marketing collect friends.  These people build relationships with the world.  They join groups to collect friends, they have hobbies to collect friends. They are building trust, building relationships to collect friends.  You want to do the same thing and collect friends.
  4. Positive Daily Habits – Make sure every single day when you start your day or before you go to sleep that night you add at least two friends to your list.  Figure out a way to connect with two different people whether it’s getting their contact information, their email, Facebook, etc.  Two a day everyday that’s 700 a year, that’s 3,5oo in 5 years, 7,000 in 10 years.  Become a slave to your good habits.
  5. Always Be Prepared – If you want to be a recruiting machine you must always be prepared.  There are two categories for this step and they are tools and stories.  Let me go ahead and tell you about tools first.  With tools you always want to have a link to a video to give to your prospect or a DVD to hand out, brochure with more information, or a product sample to share with somebody.  You want to be prepared with your stuff at all time.  The second part is to be prepared with stories.  You need to learn how to tell your own story… remember facts tells and stories sells.  The top recruiters in network marketing are very good with telling stories and so should you.  People remember stories and they forget about facts, so information is one thing but stories makes a great impact.  You can even tell someone else’s story, your company story, your company founder’s story, you can tell your upline’s story, your downline’s story, etc.
  6. Enthusiasm – You got to feel pumped up about your company, products and services. Enthusiasm is contagious… and if you show enthusiasm people will want to be with you all the time. You become like a magnet so enthusiasm is critical because it’s filled with passion, vision, belief, big heart, and contribution.
  7. Think Bigger – Think of massive success and not just little goals. Think about doing something spectacular, something amazing.  A really good book to read is “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz.  Think bigger about how many people you can recruit in a short period of time.  Have a bigger game plan, a bigger strategy… SUCCESS LOVES SPEED.  Go faster, go stronger, go outrageous… that’s thinking bigger.

"In recruiting, there are not good or bad experiences - just learning experiences"

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