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How To Go Pro In Network Marketing… Quickly!

One mental belief that prevents a lot of Network Marketers to move forward in their business is that they believe they don’t have the expertise to attract high quality prospects to them… especially the newbies.

Even when they won’t say it out load… that little voice is playing in their head.

In this blog post I will teach you how to become an EXPERT at anything… and quickly too.

Back then when I was trying to make things happen, I started buying books about sales.  I even followed a leader who was a great salesman.  He was my mentor and I started to emulate him.

I bought everything about sales, not just books but also audio CDs so that I can listen to them while I’m driving my car.

The more I studied and the more I learned about the subject of sales, I become more confidence in closing sales.

I found myself training the subject of sales, I became an expert and authority on the topic in the eyes of others.

If I Teach In Front of Others… Am I An Expert?

Picking up new skills and implementing it to my business was something that took time, but I was amazed I had people asking me for some advice… especially people who were older than me. 

And then it hit me… they think I am an expert in this.

Just because I know my stuff I didn’t feel like I was an expert but it didn’t matter because in their eyes they thought I was.

Simply because I studied, used it in my business, and tought others to do the same.

Indeed You Are An Expert

If you study on a topic more than anybody else, then that makes you an expert in that field.

If you read 5 books, and skim through the main sections, you’ll know more in a few hours than the rest of the population.

And the moment you start teaching others, you will get instant recognition as an EXPERT.

You don’t need a projector, a dry eraser maker, and a room full of people to prove you are an expert.

All you need is a blog, some inspiration, and you’re good to go.  


If you take action you will see amazing things happen to you.

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"Fairness is not an attitude.  It's a professional skill that must be developed and exercised." - Brit Hume

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