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How Not To Build Your MLM Business

I want to share with you what happened to me when I was struggling with money.  I remember I took my car to Midas to get my car fixed.  I don’t remember what it needed to be repaired but I do remember it was expensive.  I told the mechanic to go ahead and fix my car and I will find a way how to get the money.

I needed my car to be fixed as soon as possible because of my job.  Public transportation here in Orlando is horrible, that’s one thing I’ve noticed when I moved down here from Chicago.

Well, I did get the money to pay for the repair, the problem was that it took me about a week to come up with the money and the owner of Midas did not like that.

I have been a customer with Midas for almost two years and had great service. When I went back to Midas to get an oil change, something happened.  The owner of Midas told me to just get an oil change somewhere else.  What the heck was that?

I know, I know, it’s hard to believe a company does not want my money and he refuse to explain why, but it’s a true story.

To me that’s kind of dumb, right?

Here’s something I like to share with you something I learned in business 101…

Your Goal Is To Develop New Customers And Keep Existing Ones

It is a whole lot easier to keep and existing customer than to get a new one. It take TIME and MONEY to get a new customer, while all you have to do is give excellent service to existing customer and they will keep coming back.

I’m not quite sure if the owner of Midas knows about this.  If he doesn’t, it’s kind of like taking money and throwing it out the window, and he is keeping the window closed to prevent the wind from accidentally blowing those bills back in.

That is the best analogy that I can come up with.

It just makes me wonder how reliable is that company?

If the owner is incompetent, are the other people in there are incompetent as well?  If they are, is it possible they are making mistakes on other things that can lead to a disaster to them?

I’m not quite sure, but I do know I will not be doing business with them again.  They claim they don’t have the Midas touch… not anymore.

And there are a lot of businesses operate that way.

Incompetency Creates Doubts in People’s Mind

Nobody wants to hand over their money to people who are incompetent.  These people need to get their act together.

I believe you should be competent no matter what you do.  And it’s so easy to do, it just takes a little time and effort.

Now let’s look at your business…

…do you consider yourself competent in your business, like with your product or service?

Because most people are NOT.

I’ve met a lot of Network Marketers who were excited about their company long time ago.  Since I did a lot of prospecting, I’ve met people who were doing the same thing.

They tell me how great their life changing products are.  They tell me how great their company is.  They tell me how great their compensation plan… blah, blah, blah.

Honestly, I just DON’T CARE.

If you have an awesome product… you need to tell me WHY.

Think about it, don’t you want to work with people who are competent?

And if you had a positive experience with competent people, you would go back to them again right?

We people have a tendency to listen to “authority” and that’s a BIG influence point there.

People who are competent are confident and they can clearly explain why their product is second to none…

…they are automatically labeled as an “authority”.

How Can You Become More Competent & Develop “Authority” In Your Business?

What skills do you need to acquire and knowledge you need to obtain which will create a much more competent impressive when you meet someone new or when someone is browsing your website?

Anything that you can come up that will make you look and sound more competent and credible, will help you boost your influence and persuasion.

This may sound like a little thing, but believe me, it is HUGE role in how others perceive you and ultimately decide weather to do business with you or NOT.

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"I would rather have a competent extremist than an incompetent moderate". - Leon Jaworski

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