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Facts Tell Stories Sells… Definitely

Have you ever sat in front of a class and had a teacher who was so boring that it made you fall asleep? They talk and talk for 45 minutes and at the end of the class you have learned nothing

I believe we all had teachers like that and there were some teachers that were actually fun to listen to.

These teachers made their classes fun and exciting.

They can pick the most boring subject you can think of and make it very interesting.

What’s the difference?

Only one word… LANGUAGE.

The teachers who made their classes fun and exciting used one effective skill of influence, and that is..

…they told stories.

People who are successful whether they are salespeople, a speaker, or a business man, they all share stories to get their point across.

I truly believe it is a skill every entrepreneurs should learn. Whether it be online or offline, it is a master skill.

We As Humans Are Wired To Listen To Stories

It’s in our DNA to listen to our parents and grandparents when we were little.

A product that is so successful you will notice that a story is attached to it… that is why testimonials, and these mini stories works like a charm.

Unlike telling stories in class, if you are in sales, you want to use stories if you are trying to sell your products or recruit someone.

Telling stories is more effective than trying to explain how cool your products are.

How Can You Make Your Product, Service or Business Opportunity More Compelling With A Story?

Do you have a testimonial in the form of a case study?

Do you have a personal story of success using or applying what you are selling?

Do you have a compelling story behind the creation of the product or the inspiration behind it… a story that your prospects can relate to and identify with?

Coming up with a very good story could be worth Millions of Dollars to you or more.

That is the difference between selling and making no or very few sales.

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"If I'm gonna tell a real story, I'm gonna start with my name." - Kendrick Lamar

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