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Facts Tell Stories Sells… Definitely

Have you ever sat in front of a class and had a teacher who was so boring that it made you fall asleep? They talk and talk for 45 minutes and at the end of the class you have learned nothing I believe we all had teachers like that and there were some teachers that […]

Top 3 Books For The New Network Marketer

We all heard that leaders are readers right? And that is so true. When I get someone in the business, the question I get a lot is, “what books do you recommend.” And honestly there are a lot of great books out there about Network Marketing that you can choose. To make it easier for […]

How To Go Pro In Network Marketing… Quickly!

One mental belief that prevents a lot of Network Marketers to move forward in their business is that they believe they don’t have the expertise to attract high quality prospects to them… especially the newbies. Even when they won’t say it out load… that little voice is playing in their head. In this blog post […]