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Facts Tell Stories Sells… Definitely

Have you ever sat in front of a class and had a teacher who was so boring that it made you fall asleep? They talk and talk for 45 minutes and at the end of the class you have learned nothing I believe we all had teachers like that and there were some teachers that […]

Top 3 Books For The New Network Marketer

We all heard that leaders are readers right? And that is so true. When I get someone in the business, the question I get a lot is, “what books do you recommend.” And honestly there are a lot of great books out there about Network Marketing that you can choose. To make it easier for […]

Talk To The Right Kinds Of People

I want to share with you something I wish I learned in the beginning of my Network Marketing career and that is… talking to the “RIGHT” kinds of people. There are TWO ways to build your business and that is the EASY way or the Hard way.   For a long time I was building […]

How To Reduce Canceled Follow-Up Appointments

You are talking with a prospect over the phone and they are interested in learning more about your business and you provide them information.  You schedule a follow-up appointment and when you call them, they don’t answer.  What do you do? I will be teaching you how to reduce the number of cancellations to your […]

Why People Fail In Network Marketing

Network Marketing is indeed the best business opportunity out there.  If you stay with it and work your tail off, you can make a boat load of money.  However, if you are like the majority of people, there’s a good chance you will stop and quit. Why People Fail In Network Marketing? There is a […]

Prospecting: How To Break The Ice

I want to share with you how to use the 3-foot rule when talking to people who you don’t know to help you in the game of prospecting and recruiting.   In life, every day we meet people.  It could be at the grocery store, bank, post office, or any number of other places that we […]

The 7 Skills In Network Marketing

This post is all about the 7 skills you need to acquire, practice, and master if you want to have success in Network Marketing.  Once you have learned these skills, building your business in Network Marketing becomes a whole lot simpler. I share theses 7 skills because too many people over-complicate things like I did […]

How To Recruit Like A Pro In Network Marketing

There is a gateway skill in network marketing and that is “recruiting.”  If you join network marketing you would have the opportunity to sell products.  You get products from the company and sell them to your customers.  You can even use these products yourself… you can have a nice retail business. But the power of network […]