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The 7 Mental Toughness

Let me tell you something, when you get in a business like Network Marketing, you have to be mentally tough. There are people out there that will say negative things about you and your business. You are going to get no shows, distributors quitting, and there will be people who will make fun of you. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use The F-Word

I want to share with you something, because there is a dirty, nasty four letter F-Word that I believe is responsible for worries, stress, and maybe headaches. It stops a lot of people from moving forward and destroys for any chance of success. It steals your energy, motivation and your ambition. It slows down your […]

Playing To Win Or Playing Not To Lose?

Let me ask you something. You don’t have to tell me because I already know the answer. Yet, it will tell me where you are in your Network Marketing business. Are You Playing To Win Or Are You Playing Not To Lose? Before you answer that question, because I know what the majority of people […]

The 60/60/30 Technique: Getting Things Done

It’s very hard to stay productive and getting things done when we are so busy with work, family, kids, etc.  Not only are we busy but we tend to get distracted on little things… so we procrastinate.  But there is good news, I want to teach you how to stay productive so that you can […]