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23 Inspirational Entrepreneurial Quotes

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy thing.  If you just started being an entrepreneur or you’ve been in it for quite awhile and not having any results, you might ask yourself if this whole entrepreneur thing is worth it.  Rather than surrendering and tossing in the famous white towel, stay positive because I will be […]

Rich People Vs Poor People Mindset

To become wealthy, you must THINK like the wealthy do. All wealthy people know that their outer world is a direct reflection of their inner world and…it’s this universal principle that guides them to invest so much time and money on acquiring on asset above all others. Have you ever wondered why some people seem […]

Are You Buying Or Selling Your Future?

Did you know that your future is created in the present? This is something I learned from a motivational speaker Simon T. Bailey. I tried not to think about his statement but the more I tried to run away from it, the louder it spoke to me. This statement is true and you see it […]