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Are You Buying Or Selling Your Future?

Did you know that your future is created in the present? This is something I learned from a motivational speaker Simon T. Bailey. I tried not to think about his statement but the more I tried to run away from it, the louder it spoke to me.

This statement is true and you see it everywhere like in celebrities. They bought their success long time ago when they put in thousands of crazy hours to reach their goals. Yes, they got some breaks along the way, but they bought their futures by keeping their eyes on the prize.

Do you realize that, in fact, your future is created right now, today? Everything that you believe, think, say and do in the present builds and forms the future that you will experience. You buy the future by being the best that YOU can be in every given moment.

So if a future can be bought it also can be sold… sometimes much less than it’s worth. Maybe I might sound a little weird by saying this but let me explain how this can actually happen.

You sell your future when you believe that where you are and what you have is all that you will ever get. Selling your future is knowing you’re trapped in a dead-end job and yet continuing to show up day after day as if something is going to change. 

Make a conscious decision to buy your future. How? By choosing to be happy where you are now and blocking out negative energy from people who are trying to put you down. Yes, I know it’s hard and I’ve been there too but enough is enough.

I invite you to start creating your future today.  Think about the following questions:

  1. Do you have a strategic life plan that clearly spells out where you want to be in one, three, five or even seven years from now?
  2. How often are you at peace? Happiness comes from the inside. Yes I know that sometimes external situations and events will cause you to be unhappy, but you can always choose to be at peace.
  3. What is it that’s holding you back in the present that is preventing you to buy your future? This can be limited beliefs, bad habits or bad memories. 
  4. Which people in your life are helping you buy your future? The people who you hang around with will either bring you up or bring you down.
  5. What are you dong right now to leave a legacy? Don’t just live in this world and do nothing, leave a mark in this world…that’s buying your future.

No one can push you to succeed. Many people would sell their futures by waiting for someone else to push them, nudge them, tell them how wonderful they are and what a good job they’re doing. What if you never receive the support you’re looking for? Reignite your internal belief in yourself and take personal responsibility for your future… today is the day.

Every action or non-action creates an outcome that either buys or sells your future. Are you buying or selling?​

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