Top 10 Producers In MLM

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Top 10 Producers In MLMWho are these top producers?  How on earth did they do it?  And more importantly, how can I do it?  So what can I learn from their experiences and do what they do?

We all have been trying to find the answers.

You are more likely to come here, like I’d be, trying to find THE LIST.  Who ARE the top 10 producers in MLM?  Where do they come from?  And what company are they representing?

Sorry to say this but there won’t be any list here.  Now I could of titled this blog post, “The Top 10 Money Makers in MLM”, and the list still be debatable.  A lot of the top income earners don’t show off with their records.  If you made $8 million dollars a year ago, would YOU post that all over the net?  I don’t think so.

So then, what’s the purpose of my post?

I want to talk to you some very simple, but powerful principles to help you go into the top, the top 10, or perhaps the upper percentage on whatever it is you are doing, inside or outside of mlm.

10 Very Simple Strategies But Powerful For Being

Top 10 Producer In Anything!!!

1.) Hard Work – Top producers work their tail off.  Laziness won’t get you anywhere.  Mental and physical challenges are part of the climb to the top.  No pain no game.

2.) Power of Focus – Top producers do something really good.  They’re not a “jack of all trades”, but a MASTER of one.  If you’re building multiple deals… you would be wondering why your check is small.

3.) Has Some Belief – Know that you will get it and you’ll shall have it.  It’s just a matter of time.

4.) Investment of your time - Most mega-producers been in business for some time, paying their dues, putting in time, and mastering their craft.  Hours, years of preparation before they hit the big time.

5.) Tenacity –  It sounds so simple, but you’ll never reach the top of a mountain if you decide to stop climbing.

6.) Humility –  Regardless of where you are in life right now, as soon as your ego takes over to the point of arrogance, you’re done.  The most attractive qualities within a successful individual is humility.

7.) A Pure and Loving Heart - Any time a person operates from a genuine, real, loving and caring place, it will become almost effort “less” to bring in folks to follow you.  If you do care and it SHOWS from your actions, business becomes easy.

8.) Have A Vision – These folks know precisely where they’re going before they will start.  It’s so easy to get to someplace when you know EXACTLY where you’re heading.

9.) Take Full Responsibility - Nobody is going to help you get to the promise land but you.  As soon as you begin to take full responsibility for all that you do, you will have your breakthrough and you’ll be the top 10.

10.) Embrace Change - Change is inevitable and it is all over… so just embrace it.

Surely, this top 10 list is my opinion… the way I see it.  You might look at it differently.  But I do know that the top producers use these 10 strategies, principles, strategies, or whatever you want to call them.

It’s something to think about… especially if you are not producing much or you find yourself stuck.

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